Melody's 2023 Reading

Fifty-eight books in 2023! Breaking all the records since 2013. ‘Twas a pretty even split between fiction and non. Two of the fiction books are re-reads ( Countess Below Stairs , by Eva Ibbotson, and Surviving the Applewhites , by Stephanie S. Tolan), and the rest are brand new to me! Some thoughts about this graph and the number of books: E-books continue to make up the bulk of my reading. I check them out from my local library (that is indeed a thing). And yes, I read them on my phone. If you can scroll Instagram, you can read a book on that oh-so-tiny screen. It's not that different. Print books once again got a bump from the online book club. I didn’t prioritize 30-minutes-a-day of print reading this year, but the habits I formed in 2022 carried over. Settling in for a chapter or two of a print book is now something I know to make time for! I set aside (quit) 18 books before finishing them. That’s more than twice as many as last year, which was its own record. I’m trying to get

Melody's 2022 Reading

Let's jump in: in 2022, I read 55 books. This was seven more than my goal, and more books read in a year since 2013! I prioritized reading this year--turns out, I don't have a lot of hobbies, but I know I love to read--so it feels good to see it pay off. How did I do it? A couple were Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels; those are quick reads. I could do nothing but listen to audiobooks when I had (and recovered from) covid. I participated in an online book club, which inspired a daily-ish habit of 30 minutes of physical book time to transition from work life (I work from home most days) to home life. Not a new trick, but still a reading life-saver: e-books on my phone. Why choose the infinite scroll when you have a wealth of free reading available through your local library's e-book library? I keep my wishlist updated with all my want-to-reads, so whenever I finish a book, I just tap through to see what's available for me to check out next. See how much of this y