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Melody's 2020 Reading

One great thing to occur in 2020 was that I read more books this year than I have since 2013. Not that I've had some great reading years since 2013; adulting and wedding-ing took care of that. But in 2020, I completed 50 books. Let's talk about the amazing literature I dove into this year. And amazing it was--my average Goodreads rating was 4.3/5. To be fair, this doesn't count the eight books I did not complete (some I intend to return to; some I definitely don't). I read more fiction than non-fiction this year. The majority of my fiction forays were digital, the non-re-read print exceptions being Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , which I acquired through marriage, and The Return of the Thief , which I acquired via long-awaited pre-order. Non-Fiction In contrast to the novels, a solid half of my non-fiction was read in print. Of those ten paper books, five were already in my possession, but five were actively sought out through purchase or library hold. What