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Bangalore, Day 2

Not a bad day, but a high-stress day nonetheless. Started it off with the complimentary breakfast buffet, which featured Indian breakfast and western breakfast, with hints of Italian and German and accompanied by pineapple juice, coconut water, and more. My travel-mate and I are going earlier tomorrow so we can enjoy it better. Upon arriving at the building complex that houses my company, we wandered around for a bit, realizing that the buildings had no signs, and there were at least four of them housing different companies on different floors. Not only did we happen upon a fellow employee while in the courtyard, she was a fellow writer. And so indoors we went. My day was fraught with getting up and getting down and trying to eek out some speed from my remote connection. Didn’t get much done, so I’ve spent the evening preparing a presentation that I’m giving in the morning. Definitely getting my share of presentation-giving this week! I find it odd that doors never opened to teach

Bangalore, Day 1

First day in Bangalore, India after 24 hours of air travel. Yikes! So far, my plan to avoid jet lag is working, which means I've been crazy tired at some points and am now too. Yet I should sleep well tonight and start fresh tomorrow--that's the goal. I am currently sitting in my giant bed in a nice hotel. I'm sure there are fancier ones, but it is also nicer than your typical Hampton or La Quinta. The bedside plugs are international and fit every kind of plug you may have, which is very convenient. The electricity only works when you have inserted your key card in a special slot by the front door; this means that energy is conserved when you leave (because you surely will take it with you). I now have rupees in my possession. I have bagged up my two complimentary items for laundry tomorrow. I have had brunch by the pool, a buffet whose extent is similar to that of Trudy's Sunday brunch, except all the food was Indian. One of the servers took pity on my travel-mate