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When Will You Do Battle?

Christians have this thing about early morning quiet time. Not a bad thing, just a thing. I'm not really a fan. But I try, because I acknowledge that there's something special about starting out the day hanging out with Jesus. But mornings are hard. I started this semester with really great intentions. However, even with getting seven hours of sleep a night, I'm still hitting snooze all the way through the hour that I said I would worship. I recently heard the following  verse from Psalm 9 quoted from the Passion translation: "When God shows up, I worship. And as I worship, the enemies flee." I'm a worship leader. I've been taught this concept time and time again. I believe this concept. It's not new . But today, I heard that verse, and God asked me the following question: "When will you do battle?" And I was reminded of all the battles I fought last week, battles I fought throughout the day and into the evenings. It was a