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On Weddings and the Surface and the Deep

Part 5 (of 5) in the On Weddings series. Part 1 available  here , Part 2 available  here , Part 3 available  here , and Part 4 available here . It's been almost a year since I wrote the words in Parts 1-4. I am so grateful that I captured them, if only to remember how far God has brought me. (You can read more of my recent, grateful thoughts  here .) I wasn't an avid follower of The Office  when Jim and Pam got married, but I remember making a point to watch their wedding episodes. It was Jim and Pam! Surely it had to be the most romantic, most adorable, most swoonworthy wedding. Well...I was disappointed. Jim and Pam's wedding...kinda sucked. I was so annoyed. All of that romance, all of the cuteness of seasons had led to...this? For those who haven't watched these episodes, let me summarize and say that Michael and Jim ruin the reception dinner, Pam's veil rips, she hates her dress, and she wishes she had made different guest list decisions. Oh, and I think