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The Dress Story

I wrote this the evening it happened but delayed posting until I returned from Germany.  The story you are about to read--happened. If it bothers you, it's okay, because it bothers me, too. If you think it's weird, that's also okay, because I also think it's weird. If you're not sure where it fits into your theology, well, I can't help you with yours, but I can tell you that mine doesn't exactly have this sort of situation spelled out in black and white, either. A preliminary fact: There are things I wanted to do during my summer here that I haven't had time to do. Now, with money dwindling alongside time, things are being erased from my list without occurrence. Three things I wanted to do that I hadn't told anyone about: I wanted to buy a dress in Europe. I wanted to go on a Treasure Hunt in Europe. I wanted to take a picture of Wuerzburg's very own piece of the Berlin Wall. Today, I was walking home through the city, having had oth

Loving God's Masterpiece

"Can you love someone who hates God?" -- Eric Johnson (July 2014) I don't know why it is so easy for me to genuinely love the secular world {easier than it is for me to love some people in the church, sometimes, that's for sure} and so hard for others. I don't know why I make friends with the liberals, the atheists, the socialists, the evolutionists, the Democrats, the antitheists. You name it, I probably call that person a friend. Why? I swear, up and down, I swear, it is not because I walk into a situation, meet people, and think, "Oh, these poor people. They do not know Jesus. I must love them so that they experience Him." Heck, no. There have been times when I've done that, but those occurrences are few and far between nowadays. I walk into a situation, meet people, and think, "Wow, that person is really funny. That girl was really kind to me. That guy--he likes soccer. That other guy, he's really wise. That girl over there, sh