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Red Sea Moment

{This post was written in the JFK airport when I was deciding to have my personal blog be on our previously used Red Sea Moment blog . I've since changed my mind for logistical reasons, but this adventure continues to be a Red Sea Moment. Enjoy.} My last glimpse of Austin was a gray one. Gray fog, gray clouds. We took off into a flat, gray sky. I debated over using this blog or creating a new one for this trip. This trip to Germany didn't meet the Red Sea Moments, I thought. My definition of an RSM was one where you felt God called you to do something impossible...and so you did it. That was what going to Bethel School of Worship was for me. Impossible. Germany has never felt impossible. I guess on paper it was; it's not cheap. But it fell into my lap before I had a chance to worry about logistics. Have you not heard this story? I've known for some time that this Germany trip existed. I knew of people who had gone. I put it on the back burner of idea