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Melody's 2022 Reading

Let's jump in: in 2022, I read 55 books. This was seven more than my goal, and more books read in a year since 2013! I prioritized reading this year--turns out, I don't have a lot of hobbies, but I know I love to read--so it feels good to see it pay off. How did I do it? A couple were Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels; those are quick reads. I could do nothing but listen to audiobooks when I had (and recovered from) covid. I participated in an online book club, which inspired a daily-ish habit of 30 minutes of physical book time to transition from work life (I work from home most days) to home life. Not a new trick, but still a reading life-saver: e-books on my phone. Why choose the infinite scroll when you have a wealth of free reading available through your local library's e-book library? I keep my wishlist updated with all my want-to-reads, so whenever I finish a book, I just tap through to see what's available for me to check out next. See how much of this y